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Volunteer sign-UP for AUGUST 10-12, 2018

the SeligmanN Center in Sugar loaf, NY

DUSKLIT is a community-wide undertaking and we're grateful you'd like to come onboard. Volunteers receive complimentary admission to the festival, among other perks. Ready to join the team? Sign up here! 

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Hoping to volunteer with a friend? We'll do our best. Please indicate any special skills you have and any activities you are unable or unwilling to perform. Also, please let us know about any medical or physical concerns that we should take into consideration when assigning tasks. Thank you!
DUSKLIT Safety & Ops Policy *
I understand that by joining the team as a volunteer, I do not represent DUSKLIT, but am responsible for protecting DUSKLIT, our participants, and the positive experience that DUSKLIT fosters for all those involved. I will do my best to immediately advise Cody Rounds, Olivia Baldwin, or any official staff member if I see something dangerous or wrong. I will do my best to actively provide inclusion for all people. I understand everyone at DUSKLIT is a participant and will do my best to help others maximize their DUSKLIT experiences as well as my own through honest and integrity.