Our Curators


DUSKLIT is directed and curated by artists Olivia Baldwin and Cody Rounds.


Baldwin and Rounds began collaborating in 2015, working together to create both art and creative initiatives in the Hudson Valley, NY.


DUSKLIT Founders and Curators: Olivia Baldwin & Cody Rounds (left to right)
Photo by Hanna Maxwell Photography (hannamaxphoto@gmail.com)


Olivia Baldwin

Olivia Baldwin is a visual artist currently based in New England. Alongside her studio practice, Olivia has spent the past six years curating and producing multidisciplinary arts events in rural communities in Austria and the US. In 2015 she co-founded Milkweed Community Art Space. She is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Connecticut.





Cody Rounds is a New York-based multi-media and performance artist who has studied in the US and France. Her current body of work conceptually explores identity, authenticity, and perceived reality. Alongside DUSKLIT, she organizes service-based programming and creative events for community art spaces. 

Cody Rounds art





Matt is a visual designer working in San Francisco.


Jamie Sanin headshot.jpg

Jamie Sanin


Jamie Sanin is a visual artist, educator, and organizer from New York's Hudson Valley. Through both her artistic endeavors and through teaching, she aims to create accessible cultural commentary using a visual language. In 2018, she produced CELEBRATI♀N, a multi-disciplinary arts show aiming to organize, recognize, and celebrate womxn (women & women-identifying) artists.