Julia Kole


Julia Kole received her degree in film studies at Emerson College, and has made art in many mediums (painting, photography, film, music and most recently sculpture) her whole life. She considers herself an outsider artist. 


In the beginning Recycle House was just a way to build a structure with discarded material, and a study of light in a transparent application.

But questions, I keep asking myself is what makes a house a home? Or more importantly, what is public and what is private space and why do walls provide security for in:macy?

On global level I ask myself, what are walls, what are borders, and what does otherness or “they” really mean?

So the goal of recycle house is not only to be a study of light but also a more provoking piece that hopefully on intellectual level makes the audience ask themselves the same ques:ons I have been asking myself.