Jon Verney

 Jon Verney,  Foxglove .  Archival pigment, 2017

Jon Verney, Foxglove.  Archival pigment, 2017


Jon Verney is a visual artist who works in painting, photography, and video to describe notions of material transformation and transcendence.  Through paintings imbued with crystal growth and silver-based photos dipped in volcanic hot springs, Verney’s work is marked by haptic experimentation, often incorporating natural phenomena into his creative process. 


Foxglove is a multimedia installation centered around a series of eighty small translucent paintings made on the celluloid of found 35mm slides. Individual fragments of lost archives, these slides are assembled together to form an album of sorts, united by the chromatic abstractions painted on top of them.  When projected, they cast intricate, prismatic aberrations that interrupt the faded visions of family vacations and panoramic vistas.  Together, they simulate a home slideshow of a journey through a world in constant flux, offering a meditation on the dissolution of memory and matter.