Andrea Pacione



Andrea Pacione is a Hudson Valley native best known for oil paintings described as Abstract-Surrealism, as well as Surrealist and stream-of-consciousness poetry performance. The works are vivid “internal landscapes” inspired by trance and dream states. An ever-evolving blossom of research in transcendental meditation, anthropology, biology, and the Occult, this process is a postmodern version of the sympathetic magic theorized to have been practiced by our prehistoric ancestors, such as the Neolithic cave paintings discovered in France. This theory is tied together with the philosophy of modern Expressionists who pioneered the use of color as a medium of emotional intent. Wassily Kandinsky wrote in his Concerning the Spiritual in Art, “[C]olour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.” With the aid of these influences and a new intent, strokes of brush and pen, the cadence of voice, she guides us into higher frequencies. By using the template of physical landscape, Pacione’s paintings and poems act as quantum physics experiments, whose outcome is affect by the audience, evolving into an ever-expanding, co-created dreamscape.

Toral Exchange
An Exercise in Coherence In the spirit of Dusklit’s concept of interactivity between light and form, audience and art, this interactive installation will consist of the artist seated at a table across from a vacant chair. Attendees of Dusklit will have an opportunity to take the seat for up to five minute intervals, during which time the participant will be the sole object of attention of the artist, given a poem, performance, or divination depending on the energy of the interaction. Taking the empty chair implies consent to whatever may be delivered by the artist in that moment (There will be no physical contact, only verbal or energetic interactions). The artist will be wearing an HRV (heart rate variance) monitor on one earlobe, projecting onto a small screen the sine waves of her heartbeats and a visual interpretation of her own heart’s electromagnetic torus field and level of coherence in real time. This will allow the audience to witness the subtle nuances of change affecting and affected by the collaboration of interactions. The practice of monitoring heart coherence is a technique developed by HeartMath Institute of Research and NASA. The artist has been granted permission by HeartMath Institute’s Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, PhD., to reference this technique in her practice as it relates to her own research of art as an exercise to raise one’s personal energy field, alter consciousness and recreate reality.