David Schwittek & Alyshia Gálvez

Necesitando Al Otro | Needing the Other

Necesitando Al Otro | Needing the Other


Necesitando al Otro is a three channel, interactive video installation exploring aspects of the Mexican migration both in Mexico and the US. The installation detects relative audience presence and, detecting a complete absence, enters an inactive state where the three video channels enter a phase of data corruption, analogous to the increasing denial of migrant struggles in our society.  

As the audience increases in number, the installation enters the active state, wherein video corruption gradually becomes unnoticeable. This interplay of obscurity and visibility is designed to interrogate the Western Hemisphere’s indifference to the struggles of the Mexican migrant, and that an active interest in – and attention to – these struggles can provide a clearer understanding of our shared humanity. 

This is a project by award-winning artist and designer David Schwittek and cultural anthropologist Alyshia Gálvez, who specializes in the areas of reproduction, immigration and migration, and immigrant health.



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