Andi Lu

Only Mariah Understands Me, 2014 jacquard woven textile 40 x 30 inches

Young, Wild, and Free (Andi as Lana), 2017

Performance, Handcrafted tent made from personal textiles

A carefully constructed mystery has been incarnated to us as Lana Del Rey. We’ve been generously gifted a contemporary embodiment of the eternal theme of love. As cliché as she is, don’t we all relate? Why must love be such a misfortune? If we look past all the flower crowns what’s presented is something authentically American, a lost wanderer seeking freedom, obsessed with heartbreak. Her banal obsession is now mine. I won’t be waiting at Woodstock or Coachella, but I’ll be somewhere in a tent I made for the both of us. Tonight I sing for you.