Ali Feser & Rebecca Lomuto


"Image Impermanence" a collaborative work by Ali Feser (@alifeser) and Rebecca Lomuto (@tebeccs). In her work as an anthropologist, photographer, and performance artist, Ali Feser interrogates themes of memory, materiality, temporality, and embodiment. She is currently finishing a dissertation at the University of Chicago on chemico-capitalist ecologies, the photographic sensorium, and the American Dream and its aftermaths, as pictured on Kodak film and it has played out in affect, aesthetics, and environment in Rochester, New York. As a multimedia artist, Rebecca Lomuto utilizes aspects of photography, printmaking and sculpture to meditate on aspects of identity and erasure of personal history. She uses process-heavy mediums and experimental techniques to replicate the minds attempt of reconstructing memories that have long been replaced.


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